Звезду «Папиных дочек» оставил умирающую мать с многомиллионным долгом Sergey Frolov continues to look into the situation of a credit institution, which gave his mother Galina Mironovna about two million rubles. Now the apartment where he lives with his family in Deposit and may be evicted.
Звезду «Папиных дочек» оставил умирающую мать с многомиллионным долгом

Actor Sergey Frolov continues to deal in difficult situations. The apartment he inherited after his mother’s death, is out on bail. Galina took microfinance institutions two loans nearly two million rubles. However, never repaid them. About five years ago she died. Frolova want to evict. He went on hunger strike and appealed to “transfer Andrey Malakhov. Live” to help him fight black realtors.

“From March 20, we announced a hunger strike, trying to reach out to law enforcement, to the Prosecutor’s office. On day 11 we were called, we had to stop the hunger strike,” – said Frolov.
Звезду «Папиных дочек» оставил умирающую мать с многомиллионным долгом

According to Sergei, it is unclear what happened to his mother. She lived in the apartment for a few days. Galina has issued two contracts. One of them, she took 600 million, another $ 1.2 million. Credit the organization has even provided pictures of a woman who really appeals to their office.

After her death five years ago, the apartment was found to be psychotropic medications, which she allegedly took under the control of third parties. Now the family of Sergei unable to evict the bailiffs at any moment. He was very ashamed of a son that he wanted to make there nest.

“I had a late-night phone calls from mothers with altered voice,” – said Frolov.

Neighbors Galina Mironovna believe that children are not nursed by the mother. According to the woman, who lived on the floor with her, mom was unattended. “She was in diapers,” said the neighbor.

Sergei does not explain why it looked after by other people. “I never hid this abscess, knew many people about the situation. My sister lived on the background of disorder of the parents,” the actor recalled.

According to Frolov, the mother was still feel after the death of his grandmother. Sergei’s sister refused to help the family. Besides, he had a difficult relationship with her mother. Many say that the man does not have full property rights.

“Sergei was left alone with the gangs. The Prosecutor’s office and he says: You fool, seryozhenka! He is guilty,” he stood up to his defense psychologist Marina Astafieva.

According to the Studio guests, Frolov made a mistake, are not addressed in time to the lawyers. He continues to prove that Galina Mironovna was a victim of fraud.

Actress Olga Shekhovtseva was also in a similar situation. The husband made her sign a power of attorney in which the apartment then gave him a business partner. Now the theatre where she works, rents her and her children the apartment.