“A gray beard, a ring on your finger!” Richard Gere has set a wedding date

«Седина в бороду, кольцо на палец!» Ричард Гир назначил дату свадьбы
68-year-old actor married the 35-year-old Spaniard.

Richard Gere with Alejandra Silva


Richard Gere decided on the place and date of their wedding. According to
Spanish news agencies, the actor is getting married in Washington, and very soon. He appointed
the marriage with his bride-to — 35-year-old Alejandra Silva on 5 may. What guests 68-year-old gir was invited to the wedding, the reporters yet
failed to find out.

That Richard got engaged with his girlfriend,
which he started about three years ago, became known in
December of last year. The engagement of the actor became known after Alejandra
began to appear in the light with an impressive diamond ring on the ring
finger. Reporters turned to Silva and she did not deny that is
the bride of Richard. However, then Alejandra said that it is unlikely they will
to make a “big” wedding, hinting — rather, they will be limited
modest “get-togethers”.

For Gere
the wedding with Silva will be the third marriage: his first wife was Cindy Crawford, with whom he lived for 4 years (from 1991 to 1995-yy) and the second actress
Carey Lowell, who became a mother only a son of the actor — Homer, who is now
for 17 years. Your protracted divorce proceedings with Cary he completed in 2016,
three years after, Gere and Lowell have announced
the end of his marriage.

That Richard started
meet Alejandra Silva, became known in June 2015, the year when
journalists noticed them on one of the beaches in Italy: a couple came to
film festival Taormina Film Festival. Then Alejandra was very
uninhibited and not shy to show their feelings for Gere. Although at social events lovers to the moment together,
as it turned out, they met they for quite some time. “They managed to keep
their relationship secret from reporters for nearly a year! “— said one of the friends
Silva. But since then, Richard and Alejandra made their relationship
public, they began to regularly appear in public together.