Love participants are forced to compete

Влюбленные участники «Голоса» вынуждены соперничать Discussing the relationship with the singer Bazhany and Roman Bahagian. The rivals met on the record of one of the esters of the project. According to some, now a native of Ukraine and a young man from Rostov’re not.

      From the very first releases of the new season of the show “the Voice” surprised the viewers. In the blind auditions was attended by young talents from all over the world, and honored artists of Russia, who came to the project just to impress mentors. To get to “the Voice”: why stars come on the project

      However, it was not in the new season and no romance. Discussing the novel, a 32-year-old singer from Ukraine Bazhany and 20-year-old artist from Rostov Novel Badiana. According to some, the young people met on the set of the show and now you’re not.

      Bazhana, whose real name Olga Zhyvotkov, for several years working in the field of show business. To participate in the show “the Voice” the artist wrote songs for Anita Tsoy, Irakli, Bianchi, Mika Newton and many other Russian and Ukrainian stars. “There is nothing better than the feeling you get when you just created the song. It has nothing to do with nothing, and in pursuit of this rush rush you again and again, and when it gives someone joy, that feeling is doubled” – describes the position of emotions from a song. Zhyvotkov was part of the team of Polina Gagarina.

      To project the “Voice” of the novel, Bahagian sang at corporate events and parties. 20-year-old young man born into a musical family in Rostov-on-don: his mother is Opera singer. From an early age, Roma studied at the music school where he fell in love with the field of “jazz”. In the blind auditions a young man sang a song in this style, and conquered the jury. Polina Gagarina took talented guy in my team, although she had to compete for the performer with a mentor Grigory Leps. “My mother is Italian, dad is Armenian. I have the feeling that you underestimate me. My dream is stronger than the obstacles. And my dream is to be heard and seen” – so said a Roman, known to a narrow audience under the pseudonym Ronchi on “the Voice.”

      Bazhana and the novel hide their relationship but do not share joint photos to social networks. However, some time ago on the page of the Ukrainian singer has a frame with a young man. “Meet – Ronchi, he writes beautiful songs and sings is magical,” – said Zhyvotkov.

      According to Roman had moved to the rented apartment Bazhany not paying attention to what you can think of colleagues.