Elena Letuchaya spoke about the big scandal with the stylist

Елена Летучая высказалась о крупном скандале со стилистом Popular TV presenter warned about the conman who helped her with clothes for the shoot and other important events. According to Elena, her former employee had not done his job and cheated on her. After Flying fired John, the young man began to threaten her.

      Leading “Revizorro” commented on the scandal with stylist Ivan John’s. A former employee of the star’s unflattering comments about working with her. According to the young man, he was fired due to the fact that he did not provide Fly beige tights density of 100 den. “I have worked with many people, among them were known, but such tyranny and rudeness I have not met,” wrote John on his page in social network Facebook.

      After that, Helen gave an interview in which he shared his opinion on the work of John. Volatile sure that her ex-stylist is a con man. Leading believes that he can deceive other people, so he hastened to warn potential employers of Ivan.

      The first day John asked Flying in debt several tens of thousands of rubles to pay for rent. Ivan stated that he will work them over time. Another time Helen sent the young man the money for the jacket, but he never bought it, and the means of the Fly disappeared.

      “How could I imagine that will fall into the trap of fraud. I came to work the guy, Ivan, John, on a recommendation from a good friend. However, in the first day, asked for help: he has nowhere to live and had to rent an apartment, asked for a large sum of money and promised to work. Believed and decided to help, gave. Initially worked, tried, worked out. Then the enthusiasm dropped and the problems started: the failure of serious and expensive shots because of the lack of costumes for me, almost ripped me a shower,” shared Volatile in his Instagram.

      About a month ago, John asked the Fly attendant. Elena helped him, but Ivan left the employee without a paycheck. On his dismissal the young man reacted very emotionally.

      “He still owes me 35 thousand rubles for the return of the jacket, it is in fact “cheated” on the money his temporary assistant, which I paid, because I do not tolerate cheating. Well, the extravaganza of my small story is the dismissal of Ivan. In retaliation, he promised to pour mud at me in the media. I’m not upset, the truth is on my side!”, – said Elena Volatile.

      Now, the presenter is forced to solve the problem of the careless employee, for example, to know if he returned things to the designers who took on her name. “Remember that man’s face and if he wants you to work or rent an apartment, be vigilant!”, – posted by Elena. Because, as it turned out, Ivan had rented an apartment and did not pay for it. That’s what his landlord said in his blog.