The actor of “Youth” has announced about the terrible diagnosis

Актеру «Молодежки» объявили о страшном диагнозе When Eugene Kulik arrived in theatrical Institute, he had to undergo a medical examination. Then one of the doctors told the actor that he has throat cancer. Kulik still remembers this experience that taught him not to be afraid to take risks.

      26-year-old actor Evgeny Kulik, known for his role as captain of the “Titan” in the series “Junior” TV channel STS, has recently shared with journalists the candid story of his life. As it turned out, when he entered the theatrical University, the doctors put a terrible diagnosis – cancer of the throat. “All applicants were sent to the specialist phoniatry, which puts a mark, you pass or not. And here I came to this phoniatry, he was, to put it mildly, peculiar in appearance, looked in my mouth and began to Twitter on your health. I don’t understand, smiling from ear to ear. And he suddenly said to me: “Why are you smiling, young man, you didn’t realize you had cancer of the larynx!”, – actor told reporters.

      The news of the illness seriously crippled Kulik. The doctor gave him a referral to the Oncology centre. It was Friday, before the opening of the medical facility would take a few days. They became for the actor a real challenge. He couldn’t think about anything except his terrible diagnosis. Being in a state of shock, Eugene was counting the minutes until visiting specialists. Parents Eugene didn’t say anything so as not to disturb them.

      “I’m terrified: do I have throat cancer?! I was only 21 years old. This terrible piece of paper I got right in Friday, tomorrow is a day off, two days the cancer center is not working. I need to somehow stretch out until Monday… Three days I’ve lived with throat cancer. Went to Moscow, he had counted his days that need to get done in the end – difficult to put into words my feelings…” – said the actor.

      However, the diagnosis of the actor was wrong. Other experts it is not confirmed. The Sandpiper was not throat cancer, and inflammation of the tonsils. “On Monday arrived at the cancer center to help. I was examined by a lady doctor, asked: “Who sent you here?” Say, “This doctor”. “Get him a place… you have the usual tonsillitis”, – told the artist.

      This case will forever remain in the memory of the actor. He still thinks why the first doctor they did this to him. However, the cancer proved to Kulik is very instructive. As admitted the actor of the series “Junior”, since he is not afraid to take risks.