Love and fiction in the life of “the red Queen”

Любовь и вымысел в жизни «Красной королевы»
The truth about fashion models the fate of Regina’s Life.

Любовь и вымысел в жизни «Красной королевы»

Regina Life

On the First channel successfully hosted the TV series “Red Queen” is about the life of Regina’s Life (movie — Barsky) — the most famous models of the late 1950’s – early 60-ies in the Soviet Union. The filmmakers warned that not everything that happens on screen has to do with the real biography of Regina. Part of the plot devised for a greater artistic effect. Designer Valentina Filina, which in those years was also a fashion model and have been friends for Life, believes that “the film is very much that we who knew and loved her, may not cause delight.” decided to compare what happened with Regina actually, and what — not. And Valentina Filina shared with unknown details from life of stars of the podium, which was called the Soviet Sophia Loren.


In the movie. Girl grows up in a poor and dysfunctional family, the father of unrestrained drinking, and her mother-the cleaning lady had to MOP the floors to make ends meet. In the story, her dream come true — to learn to be an accountant and marry a classmate. But tragedy struck: while trying to protect his mother from suffering from a hangover father, girl accidentally kills him. Mother took the blame and went to jail. And the girl, after finishing school, I moved from a small town — of course, in Moscow.

In life. Actually, a girl grew up in a very wealthy family. “Father of Regina in the days of our youth was alive-healthy, good-looking, pursued a successful career, was a high official, I do not remember in which office he served, and lots of money. When he was transferred to Moscow and was immediately given a large apartment in a nice house near MSU, — remembers Valentine Owl. — I was often there and can say for sure: none of our girls working in the House, not lived in such luxury conditions.

Regina’s parents were divorced, she and her father still be in high school, he moved to Moscow. And the mother remained in the city where they lived before. I never this woman did not see, do not know who she worked, but definitely not an illiterate cleaning lady. But I remember the second wife of the father of Regina — aunt Shura, a very kind woman, very intelligent, in the profession of a military doctor. The father of Regina and aunt Shura was born a boy, Volodya, and, to honor aunt Shura, she did not make the difference between him and the stepdaughter, treated her as my daughter, Regina stepmother adored”.

Любовь и вымысел в жизни «Красной королевы»

Regina Life


In the movie. To permanently erase their tragic past, she changes the name Zoe for Regina, which in Latin means “Queen”. Wanted and from the surname Kolesnikova to give up, but did not.

In life. “No Zoe, no Zina, no other name my friend has never had her birth name was Regina,” continued Owl.

Education and early career

In the movie. The knowledge gained in school, the girl had to go to study at the economic faculty of VGIK. About his past, she created a legend: supposedly grew up in an artistic family, his parents-circus performers were killed — crashed right in the arena, and it’s hard for her to remember. Enrolling in VGIK, the girl mykaela from one place to another, working as a janitor and a cleaning lady, because more assistance nowhere to wait, and one scholarship will not survive. Familiarity with costume designer Vera Ippolitovna Orlovoj (actress Elena Morozova) takes place in exotic circumstances: Regina goes to the police and spends the night in the precinct together with a black guy who the night before it was protected. Morning Jim, my mother comes in, this is Aralova — good fairy who soon invited her to become a fashion model and even by fair means or foul, sent to Paris.

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Любовь и вымысел в жизни «Красной королевы»

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Любовь и вымысел в жизни «Красной королевы»

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