Алексей Ворбьев признался в своей зависимости
The star of the show “the Bachelor” told without what cannot live.

Alexey Vorobyov

Photo: Instagram

Well-known singer, Director, and main bachelor of the country Alexey Vorobyov admitted that he has two major addiction in life. And it’s not a pretty woman like you would think, knowing the reputation of the young man. At various times the singer had Affairs with such stars as Victoria Daineko, Tatiana Navka, Oksana Akinshina, Anna chipovskaya and many others.

However, an addict in your life Alex only from of caffeine and mobile phone. He told his fans from the page of your personal blog.

“It’s not so bad, could be worse,” said Vorobiev, alluding to the fact that in his environment and found a much more serious addiction, such as alcohol, drugs and gambling.

But his life is replete with and without these components. He writes music, sings and produces music videos for himself and his players. Because among other things, he is also the producer of several new stars! Alex starred in movies, and is now looking for a soul mate on the TNT channel in the reality show “the Bachelor.”

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