Galina Volchek about how “the Contemporary” has helped famous ANCA-machine gunner

Галина Волчек о том, как «Современнику» помогла знаменитая Анка-пулеметчица
The Director told about his acquaintance with the legendary woman.

Galina Volchek

Photo: Elena Sukhova

Galina Volchek in a candid interview with the Catherine Christmas shared memories of how it was created, “Contemporary”, which this year will celebrate its 60th anniversary.

“Oleg Yefremov was so infected us with his idea to create the theatre that we were ready to do anything
for the sake of it. Although many have already worked in some good performances… We
once he graduated from high School Studio. Igor Kvasha took the Moscow art theatre, Lilia Tolmacheva played major, major roles in the Theater Mossovet, and so on. But Yefremov said: “we
must be my theatre!” And we were ready for any conditions. Including and rehearsing at night.”

The problem was that every time for rehearsals we had to find a place. And so it happened that at one point “Contemporary” sheltered Maria Andreevna Popova — the most famous ANCA-machine gunner from the division of Chapaev. Volchek was familiar with her daughter, and they invited artists to rehearse to yourself by selecting a room in a spacious apartment on Gorky street.

“Don’t know the details, why Furmanov she became Anna. And, by the way, Maria Andreevna only once fired a gun, and actually was a nurse, — says Galina. She often told us some incredible, but nevertheless true stories about Chapaev… Remember her story as they entered the city, seized the pharmacy. And Vasily Ivanovich told her: “You, Mary, will be a nurse. Here you powders — Lechi fighters”. And she had no idea what the powders! There are some bags, in them something white as chalk. She finger into powder put and on the tongue. Like the taste of anything. Well and began to mix. This drug supposedly from the head. And this is from cold. Well, all such stories were, we loved. And Maria Andreevna we were treated. Those were poor years, we are all hungry, and Maria Andreevna ration coupons. And when we came at night, she is exhibited for us on the table various Goodies. Just she was a wonderful woman! She later wrote a book which told about how she and her daughter helped “Contemporary” in those days, when nobody knew…”

Full interview Galina Volchek about the formation of “Contemporary”, working with Ephraim and his relationship with Evstigneev read here>>

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