Louis Vuitton выпустит духи с ароматом сумки из кожи

And you yourself ever go thinking that you like the smell of paint, new books, Newspapers or leather? Now one of them will be available for purchase for everyone, because brand Louis Vuitton will be releasing it EN masse. Today we are talking about a rather unusual perfume, the final note which will be exactly the smell of leather. Now you no longer need to spend crazy money on a new bag and don’t even need to change her husband into someone who could afford it.

Details of the composition of the new fragrance are kept in the strictest confidence. We only know that creating fragrances was attended by famous perfumer Jacques Caval, author Nina for Nina Richi and for Ultraviolet Paco Rabanne.
note that perfume with the smell of leather Louis Vuitton mark the release of a new line of perfumes after Eau de Voyage, which was presented back in 1946.

Later, the brand has completely switched to production of suitcases/bags, over the years diluted its range of clothing, footwear, jewelry, watches.

By the way, the network is already being sold the spirits for fans of the game Pokemon Go. According to the creators of the fragrance, pokemony should smell like vanilla and musk and flowers of orange. Costs 200-ml bottle of perfume with Pikachu on the label is quite inexpensive – $ 12. According to sellers, from those who want to buy a perfume has no end.

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