Автор «Сумерек» Стефани Майер напишет шпионский детектив

Hayter Erika Leonard James – the Creator of the trilogy “Fifty shades of grey” won’t like the news, which we will let you know. Stephenie Meyer, author of “the Twilight Saga”, which was the basis for writing fan fiction James, is preparing to publish a new creature.

Unlike the famous novel writer, this book will concentrate not on the history of relations between man-the vampire-werewolf, and have a completely different genre. Stephanie writes a spyware detective, which will be called “Chemist”.

The main heroine of a spy novel — the former employee of intelligence services that former colleagues have opened a real hunt. According to Stephenie Meyer, her book will strikingly differ from other works in the genre of spy detective as the main character of the book is absolutely not typical for this genre, and its main weapon — not a gun, knife or muscles, and the brain.

The book presentation will be held in November this year.

I hope it’s the work of Meyer will remain untouched by the hands of Erika Leonard James, and we don’t get new books on sexual fantasies housewife.


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