В сети появился тизер седьмого сезона «Игры престолов»

Curiously, this time the fans will have to wait until the summer premiere.

The bad news is that the premiere is postponed for a couple of months, good TV channel HBO has prepared a special teaser of the seventh season.

Of course, no new conversations, no dragons or the final battle in it. Still the shooting hasn’t started yet. But the movie allows you to look behind the scenes of your favorite project. And see with your own eyes how to make armour, swords and Golden armor designed for the zombie knight Gregor Clegane.

At the end of the show to the audience lying on the table the script of the first episode of the seventh season.

However, the new season is a reason causing so much interest. In the Seven kingdoms for the first time in many years the winter comes. And with it darkness and cold… But most of the characters scares the impending army of the White walkers, which every day is getting closer.

By the way, due to the new weather conditions, the creators were forced to postpone the premiere for the summer. Will need new scenery, costumes. In addition, the filmmakers certainly once again the change of location. And climbs to somewhere closer to the mountains and glaciers.

Recall the shooting of “Game of thrones” has passed in Croatia, Spain, Scotland, Iceland, Malta and Africa.

Game of Thrones (Season 7): In Production Tease… comicbookdotcom

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