“Lost a sense of proportion”: Alla Pugacheva ridiculed for photoshop

«Потеряла чувство меры»: Аллу Пугачеву высмеяли за фотошоп
Diva was suspected of cheating.

Alla Pugacheva

Photo: @alla_orfey Instagram

Alla Pugacheva undoubtedly looks great for her 68 years. Diva still can afford to go out to the youth “torn” jeans or attire, consisting entirely of sequins. Today, however, the desire to look much younger than his real age played a singer with a cruel joke.

In the microblog actress appeared in a selfie on which Pugacheva has demonstrated fabulously smooth and fit skin. Members considered that it should have used photoshop and just “erased” all the flaws of your face. “Alla, too, that mineral waters drunk as the man that pomolodela really!?”, “Pugacheva 25 again… yeah! I believe you. And the stars do without photoshop?” wrote Hello.

By the way, Galkin, Pugacheva’s husband, now resting in Karlovy vary, where the “treatment”. The effect of the treatments he supposedly felt the day after arrival. “Only one day drank water from the springs… Looks overdone — don’t sell alcohol. I’m afraid another day and will not be allowed on the plane without an escort!” — joked max.

Meanwhile, Pugachev today is officially buried “the hatchet” with Maxim Fadeev, actively supported the unfolding scandal with a petition against Alla in January of this year. She congratulated the producer on the day of birth, giving to understand in such a way that no longer hold a grudge against family. “Congratulations to Maxim Fadeev birthday. Joy and creativity. Alla Pugacheva!” — wrote the Diva.