Bradley Cooper does not want to admit their child from Irina Shayk

Брэдли Купер не желает признавать своего ребенка от Ирины Шейк
The actor says, “don’t know” about the birth of his daughter.

Bradley Cooper

Photo: @justjared Instagram

Recently Bradley Cooper shocked
their fans. During the show Ellen De Dzheneris, the actor flatly refused
to discuss the topic for which he, in fact, invited on TV. It
not only did not want to say anything about his newborn daughter, which
gave birth to him in March of this year Irina Shayk, but even refused to acknowledge the fact that he became a father.

“Since we’re not
see, you got the baby?” — twitted 42-year-old actor Ellen. “Really? And where is he?” — without batting an eye responded
Bradley. “When you get back to Irina, look again. It needs to be somewhere in your house!” — sarcastically
replied the presenter. And a little to get even with Cooper showed a fragment
with the shooting of his old movie “Sniper”, where the actor demonstrated his complete
the inability to handle a baby. “I’m sure in the role of a young father, you
unbelievable!” she said.

In fact, Cooper was always extremely
concerned about protecting the integrity of their personal life. Recently
because of this, he even suffered material damage. The fact that Bradley decided
to sue the French edition of Oops, which is still in the summer of 2015 put photos on
his affair with Irina Shayk. And now the hulking machine of justice,
finally finished my work. And the verdict was not
the benefit of Cooper. He does not just received 12 500 euros requested them
order compensation for moral damage, it still was fined 1000 euros! Actor
will pay that amount to the publication with which he sued, and which the court, in effect,
recognized the “injured with a ridiculous lawsuit.” Of course,
1000 euros for Bradley, not a serious amount, but the decision has put the Cooper
in a rather humiliating position. This information appeared on the website
radaronline. com.