Lose weight without dieting: the simple truths that we forget

Похудеть без диет: простые истины, которые мы забываем The struggle for harmony is misery and deprivation, solitary cucumber for lunch and dream about cheesecakes sleepless nights? And here and there. There are many ways to reduce the amount of calories consumed and increase their consumption, not fighting nor hunger, nor with laziness.

      Похудеть без диет: простые истины, которые мы забываем

      give up the habit of dining under the series

      Our brain is not to say that the genius of multi-tasking. And when you make it at the same time to focus on the cakes, and the conflict series, conflict win. The quality of movie digestion not affected, but to control the amount of food eaten is much more difficult. Burgers have been over, and the serial no? Put yourself a couple more. Fans to combine business with pleasant consume on average 300 calories more a day.

      snacking in moderation

      Похудеть без диет: простые истины, которые мы забываем

      All nutritionists go on about the benefits of fractional power. Such a system is really good, but only if bite not too much. A banana after Breakfast, a couple of cookies before dinner, then some more afternoon tea, an Apple here, galetka there – all these little things are not even perceived as food, and yet during these meals we’ll eat about 800-1000 calories!


      Похудеть без диет: простые истины, которые мы забываем

      …Or right if you’re left-handed. Yes, slow and uncomfortable, but that’s the whole point. As you eat slower, the brain remains much more time to send a signal about saturation.


      Of course, much easier to just boil a pot of soup the size of a tank, or make two dozen schnitzels, then to not bother. But fresh food is tastier and healthier than the one that a lot of times warmed and kept in the refrigerator. Besides in your diet will not interfere frugality, you whispered, “Take a couple of pieces, not to waste”.


      At home, you get to decide how to fill the vegetables, but in the restaurant it remain on the conscience of the chef, and often a huge amount of oily sauce in the salad brings all the benefits of carrots, arugula and tomatoes to zero. Therefore, always ask for the dressing brought separately in a small bowl, and add as many as you like.


      Похудеть без диет: простые истины, которые мы забываем

      Not any products at all (still can’t remember), and those that are usually have in your fridge. Especially those that bite. To control the power a lot easier if you know the average banana weighs 150 calories Apple – 80, nectarine – 60, oatmeal cookies – 90, and sausage sandwich – all 200.


      In cool weather the body spends extra calories to warm you up, Missy. And those calories he takes from the emergency reserve, that is from fat. Make sure the temperature in the apartment does not exceed +25°C, and more walk in the cold. On a cold day for a 10-minute promenade you can burn as many calories as half an hour walking through the alleys of the summer. However, when you get home, the body wants to return to the status quo, and you pull on something greasy and heavy. Trick yourself a Cup of hot tea or a light soup.


      Похудеть без диет: простые истины, которые мы забываем

      I remember in my childhood you said, “don’t pick your plate”? Now, that was bad advice. Be picked, pause, commune with those who are sitting next to. Distracted for a moment or two, you improve digestion and, more importantly, do not overeat.


      The calories obtained from liquid, our brain ignores. Meanwhile, a couple of cups of juice and a can of soda – this is a very significant Supplement to the diet. A large glass of fruit juice contains about 130-150 calories of juice – 250-280, Bank of sweet drinks – 140. Only 2-3 of the glass, now a quarter of daily calories came running, and there are still want.


      You may not have time for long jogs and to the gym to walk laziness. But even the small and insignificant things also require energy. Don’t call home, stand up and walk to the room where they sit. Take take-away coffee and walk with him in the Park instead of meeting friends at a table in a café. And most of primerica – vigorous cleaning of the calorie consumption comparable with honest cardio.