Anastasia Stotskaya is expecting a baby

Анастасия Стоцкая ждёт ребёнка

Great morning news. Popular Russian singer Anastasia Stotskaya is expecting her second child, and this is confirmed by several sources from the inner circle of the artist.

“Yes She really is pregnant. Time, because she did not yet says, and her happiness known only to the most close people” — told Alena Petrovskaya, Anastasia’s friend.
From Stotsky and her husband Sergei is already a five year old son Alexander. Anastasia loves to spend time with him in their suburban home, where she is now, mostly, is.
“Nastia is the perfect relationship, and the second pregnancy made them just perfect, even though they are so crazy about each other. He takes any Nastin Caprice, pleasing in all things. Otherwise, it can not be, it is the necessary harmony and peace in her new life arises, nervous and sad pregnant women can not” — said the insider.
Stay too long in one place, however, Stotsky does not intend to. She continues to lead a very active life touring the Russian Federation with a performance of “eve”, plays the main role in “the flying ship” and parallel starred in Christmas programs at “Mosfilm”, and to give that is going. Not against it and to spend new year’s eve at corporate, not at home, because this holiday the cost of his performances increases several times.