Звезда «Дома-2» Мексика ответила на обвинения в пластике The girl published a picture, which was left a comment on the topic of changes in appearance. Member of telestroke said that never resorted to surgery. However, subscribers got a mixed opinion on this matter.

      Marina Mexico decided to reveal all the secrets related to her appearance. The girl often asked about surgical intervention. Many subscribers claim that Mexico has repeatedly appealed to the experts to correct some of the defects of the face and body. However, the girl herself is much more strongly. She informed the followers that I never really adjusted the appearance.

      Photos of the stars “House-2” of Mexico before plastic shocked fans

      One of the main arguments of the Marina was that the pictures that I saw users on the Network can not give an objective evaluation, since they are not Mexico for over 18 years. She is sure that every year the appearance of the person changes, therefore it is not surprising that some of the fans of the stars “House-2” you may not recognize her as the girl with the old pictures.

      “Guys, I didn’t do plastic surgery. The photos you saw in the magazine, or those which walk on the Internet, my youth, my school years! Man changes with age, I was just small, remember how you looked when you were 15-18 years old! The maximum that I changed were the lips and cheekbones injected hyaluronic acid, which eventually resolved. Question hopefully exhausted! Thank you all! P. S. Believe me, when you’re ready to go under the surgeon’s knife, you’ll know it first! Love you!” – Marina wrote in his Instagram.

      Mexico argues that only adjust the shape of the cheeks and lips at the doctor-cosmetologist. To anything else, according to the participants of the reality show, the surgeon does not touch. For members review girls seemed unconvincing. Many netizens believe that when a person is accused of such things, he will Express emotions in a slightly different way. It should be noted that Marina for several months asking those questions.

      Followers mostly are convinced that Mexico was not spared rhinoplasty, although she denies this fact. Someone expressed the opinion that Marina uses a lot of makeup, which is why some members refuse to believe the natural beauty of the participant “House-2”. Fans are appealing also to the fact that employees could not change in a few years so much. Fans are calling the girl not to deceive the audience and to admit that she did a number of procedures to improve appearance.

      “I think that did the operation and not just one! Well what about her nose? Really?”, “To me, a good girl, but behaving abnormally, hence the questions about appearance,” “If she will have less time to focus on your face, the less questions will be!” – posted by subscribers in the social network.

      Not all followers have been so categorical in their conclusions. Someone noticed that the girl trim figure, which can only be achieved through constant training and dieting. They felt that it is better to praise a girl for trying.