Lolita the song was removed from rotation after a major argument

Песни Лолиты сняли с ротации после крупной ссоры Valeria has been in a similar situation. Lolita learned that her songs disappeared from the airwaves of “Russian radio”. Despite the fact that she is embroiled in a scandal, the singer is no one to hold a grudge.

Songs of Lolita Milavskaya for over two decades and loves singing literally the whole country. The artist regularly pleases fans with new compositions and videos. Today, however, the celebrity learned that one of the most famous radio stations no longer puts her hits in rotation. As it turned out, the reason for this was the scandal, which has embroiled Lolita. She recently appeared on the award “Sound track”, organized by her longtime friend Artur Gasparyan, who, according to her version, allowed himself to publish unflattering material about the leadership of the “Russian Media group”, which was replaced in 2015.

Despite the current situation, where the song Lolita is no longer in the rotation, she doesn’t get mad at those who made this decision.

“I have no complaints. I love “Russian”, made by Sergey Arkhipov and Sergei Kozhevnikov. I have 11 gramophones are well earned. I wish this radio all the best. Sincerely,” – addressed to IBA.

Fans were upset that will not hear the air of “Russian radio” songs performed by Lolita. They have supported the artist and assured that in any case they will remain devoted fans of her work.

“I downloaded your songs, I listen to them whenever I want. We”, “We without the radio you are listening to daily, So you have nothing to worry, you are strong, you are awesome and awesome talent, you how to listen to and will listen,” “Lolita, you are a great man and a workaholic, we love you, thank you already have, all the best to you”, “Your song is not on the radio, they are in hearts. And if you want to see, take the tickets and travel to any city in which you act soon,” wrote a follower.

Celebrities have also responded to the publication of Lolita. Lawyer Kate Gordon, who is also known for the fact that he wrote lyrics to many famous artists, asked the IBA to contact her. Valeria has told me that he was in a similar history.

“We, too, exactly in the same situation. Well, the list of prohibited replenished”, – wrote the artist in the comments.