The court defended the interests of Alexey Batalov in conflict with a neighbor

Суд встал на защиту интересов Алексея Баталова в конфликте с соседом The actor won the case on the demolition of illegal buildings on the plot in Peredelkino, however, the opposing party can still appeal the decision. For a long time Batalov had a conflict with a jewelry maker Vadim Elgar, who built a bathhouse on site.
Суд встал на защиту интересов Алексея Баталова в конфликте с соседом

As it became known, the English court of Moscow ruled on the demolition of the bath neighbor built in the country of Alexey Batalov in DSK Michurinets. Few years the actor tried to defend its territory. In one of airs the jewelry maker Vadim Elgart claimed that he agreed with the movie star about the construction of such structures. According to the neighbor Batalov, he even has the necessary documents with the signature of the artist, authorizing the construction.

The conflict between Alexey Batalov and his roommate took an unexpected turn

Reporters contacted the actor, who is currently undergoing treatment in a rehabilitation center to congratulate him on his victory. In January he hurt his hip, and he underwent surgery. But recently the actor broke his leg again. Close Batalov claims that it will take a lot of time again to start walking.

“I don’t care. Too much effort was wasted on this”, – said Alexey Vladimirovich in response to the question about the court’s decision.

It is known that at present the country star is owned by his daughter Mary. The documents it was drawn about 20 years ago, so no agreement Batalov neighbor has no legal force. Alexey and his wife Gitana A. did not go to his house in Peredelkino.

“This is giving us long, got it during the Soviet era, when Alyosha has starred. He is a Hero of socialist labor, two orders of Lenin, the order “For merits before Fatherland”, the national artist of the USSR. It is this country deserve. With his own hands built it. And chairs, and beds made. He has hands of gold. I our Bungalow was called a hunting Lodge, and he loved her very much. His students came to us. We had a lovely Apple orchard. But that’s not important…” – wife of actor.

Recall that the Charter from litigation, Batalov wrote a letter to mayor Sergey Sobyanin with a request to help resolve the issue of the demolition of a cottage neighbor on his site. Apparently, soon it is finished, unless the opposing party in a month does not appeal the decision.

“Alesha is a very good man. Can’t be to end it all so unfair,” said Gitana A. in an interview with “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.