Lolita showed the “new face” after plastic surgery

Лолита Милявская показала «новое лицо» после пластической операции
53-year-old singer thanked the surgeon for the work.

Лолита Милявская показала «новое лицо» после пластической операции

Lolita (fall 2016)

Photo: @Instagram lolitamilyavskaya Lolita

Lolita (February 2017)

Photo: @Instagram lolitamilyavskaya Lolita

Lolita joined the ranks of stars who decided to undergo plastic surgery. About two weeks ago, the singer did a face-lift. In the microblog actress bragged about his youthful appearance. According to the surgeon who performed the operation, lolita was made harmonization a SMAS facelift.

The pop star added a new image updated hairstyle up, long strands of hair. “To the person who corrected my friend and amazing surgeon Andrew iskornev needed a new one for sure!” commented on the changes in appearance of Lolita.

It should be noted that not all the fans happily responded to the news that the singer has decided to “transform” yourself. According to fans, Lolita lost their individuality. However, many members were delighted with the new appearance of the singer. Beauty, as we know, subjective. So fans will probably never come to any common opinion.

By the way, the Lolita premiere of a new song — “Miracle”. The singer dedicated the song lovers who have a big age difference.

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