Official: wife of George Clooney is waiting for twins!

Официально: жена Джорджа Клуни ждет близнецов!
Became known date of birth of Amal.

Amal and George Clooney


Persistent rumors
that 39-year-old Amal Clooney is pregnant, received a new confirmation. Host of the TV show
The Talk – Julie Chen said in
live that George himself told her that his wife is “in position”. Moreover,
Chen said that Amal is carrying not one child, but two: “Not only
Beyonce is waiting for twins. We could congratulate with the same George and Amal! According to our
information Amal’s due in June…” This information was reported online edition

And just
a few hours later the same topic was touched on in his interview to the TV show ET Canada close friend, 55-year-old George Clooney — actor Matt Damon. As
turns out he found out about the pregnancy Amal for quite some time, but following the promise
he gave Clooney, Matt kept the information secret. “He told me about it
in the fall, when we’re together starred in the film Suburbicon. Then he took me to
the side and whispered the news. I nearly cried, so I’m for them
happy. And then I asked at what time. George said
approximately 8 weeks. And then I said, “what, don’t tell anyone else! Is
you don’t know about the rule of 12-weeks?!? Ahead of the pregnancy to tell anyone
and in any case!” — told the superstitious Damon.

listen friend, and although he was eager to share with others the great
news, he took himself in hand and until recently kept it all a secret. A month
after the first conversation, Matt asked the other how things were going at Amal. And
the radiant smile, said “Great!” “I am confident that George and his wife
I will be great parents!” added Damon.

the amazing thing about this story is that before his marriage to Amal in September 2014
year, George emphatically claimed not to want to have children. “To have children
too responsibly. And then I have, as you can see, there is a gene that makes
people want to reproduce!” the actor said in 2006. But after the wedding, all in
the life of an actor changed. “This event has forced me to completely rethink my
prospects — in the sense how I had imagined my future…” — admitted