Andris Liepa will turn the apartment into a Museum

Андрис Лиепа превратит квартиру в музей
The dancer decided to reveal all the secrets of a famous family.

Andris Liepa

Photo: Yury Feklistov

Andris Liepa in honor of his
55th anniversary exhibition was opened in the “Fiftyfive”, where they presented the ballet costumes, which he performed in
the Paris Grand Opera house, and
also pictures of the brightest moments of the performances. The center of the exhibition, presented by Andris birthday, steel work
renowned Russian-American photographer Nina Alovert. According to
criticism Matthew Dratt, Nina Alovert is by far the most
significant photographer in the world of ballet: “It fails inexplicably
to convey a festive lightness, the lightness of the dance, and at the same time
the invisible part of the iceberg — Titanic physical effort
precede each performance.”

“All the costumes are handmade tailored so they are very convenient to move
shared dancer.
They absolutely do not hamper movements. Especially to me one of my suits
father Maris Liepa, which is the jewel of this exhibition. Recently I was once again looking at the collection.
Of these things no longer fit to wear. But still, I can’t bring myself to throw away
or donate costumes in which he danced. In General, I had the idea to make
from apartments Maris Museum. It will show not only costumes, but
photos taken during his performances, as well as other personal belongings. Also
it is planned to present letters, diaries — in General, all that can tell
about our family”.