Lolita has the alarm for a husband trapped in a cult

Лолита бьет в набат из-за мужа, попавшего в секту

Relationship problems caught up with the lolita Milyavskaya and her husband Dmitry Ivanov. The cause of the disorder in their family lies in the training, which was attended by Dmitry, and that she christened it as “sect”.

According to the singer, her husband’s zombie training, which teaches “leadership”.

“I fell into a state of shock, but when she learned that it’s for training, says the singer. My husband never did me no secret he is a very sincere, trusting and warm people, unfortunately, such people are beneficial for these “training centers”. Unfortunately, I later learned that this is nothing like an American technology associated with NLP and Scientology brain-damaging hundreds of people coming in. For five days, while he visited the “training”, he has changed beyond recognition”, — complains Palladium.

According to the singer, these workshops were organized for the sole purpose of squeezing money out of gullible people. Participation in this event costs 66 rubles.

“This “training” is the absolute pumping money. My husband hasn’t been home before two in the morning. Called someone, reported. There they have some strange slang — coded. What does all this can generally be related to personal growth training?”, — interested in Palladium.

By the way, Lolita is not just pulled her husband from “sect”, as she says, she still intends to attract to this problem the law enforcement agencies that need to understand.

“I will not stop and declare — I declare this “the Moscow training center” war. Really want to send a man by the name of Tikhonov, who owns centre court-martialed. I want to warn all whose relatives come in these centers — hit the alarm!” concluded the star.