Лене Лениной подарили 8 айфонов и «детей в семенах»

Not so long ago, Anastasia Volochkova was published in his microblog photo, which was sealed with several smartphones famous brand. Subscribers of the ballerina was surprised at the boast of his idol. Many noted that she crossed the line in a demonstration of his fancy lifestyle. Some have even suggested that Volochkova help in solving the issue of oversupply of iPhones and were willing to accept a few of them.

Now, similar comments can be seen on the page of Lena.

The fact that the owners of the nail salons on birthday has presented eight gadgets, which she is unlikely to use it.

The fate of their iPhones Lena has yet to decide. For example, Lena can arrange an auction to sell most of them and give the money to charity.

Note that in General, gifts Lena presented a beautiful and necessary, but sending from one of her fans, it impressed and drove into a stupor.

Lenin received the parcel from stranger to follower — jar with something like yogurt and a note that “Children — flowers of life, give seeds.” The seeds went to the police to make it easier to return the gift.