Lolita has hired the husband of a psychologist

Лолита наняла мужу психолога The singer has done everything to get spouse to everyday life. A man now for months to undergo rehabilitation. Lolita even appealed to MPs to toughen the law and requirements to the organizations of the so-called “courses of personal growth”.

      The story of how the singer Lolita Milyavskaya has saved wife, 38-year-old squash coach Dmitry Ivanov, head coach of the Moscow training center, received wide publicity a few weeks ago. Lolita tries to save the wife from the influence of the sect

      “Five days, Dima attended these so-called “personal growth training” while I was on tour, he has changed beyond recognition – shared of Lolita. – Stopped calling, interested in my Affairs, and when I got home, there was nobody waiting for me. It was a surprise”.

      Fortunately, the actress raised the alarm in time and pulled her husband out of the Center. To prevent the effects, the singer even had to hire a psychologist.

      “Dima took the help of a specialist, so that after the sect to return to normal life, – admitted Lolita “StarHit”. – About a month he will undergo a kind of rehabilitation. Professional services, by the way, are not so expensive. Can almost a year to take classes to any psychologist for the same money that Dima left for a week in the center of the Novel Tikhonov”.

      Also last week, Lo has visited the Federation Council where the round table met with the Deputy Elena Mizulina and discussed the possibility of strengthening the law toughening the requirements to such courses.

      “I’m sure this law will be adopted, and all such centers, after school in which people become fanatics and thrown out of the Windows, shut down”, – says the singer. In addition, the artist turned to Sergei Gorino, which might be to represent its interests in court with Tikhonov.

      To protect the Novel came from the other, not less known loud star lawyer Alexander Karabanov. “We will go to court only if the lawsuit will go from Lolita, commented Karabanov situation. This week we are going to meet with her counsel and to discuss everything”.