Sensation! Orlando bloom threw Katy Perry

Сенсация! Орландо Блум бросил Кэти Перри
The actor was not ready to become a family man.

Сенсация! Орландо Блум бросил Кэти Перри

Orlando Bloom


Katy Perry


Fans of Katy Perry upset about an unpleasant turn in the life of the singer. As it became known, it
boyfriend — Orlando bloom has suddenly decided to break up with her. About it
told the publication In Touch Weekly.

The first problem
the relationship of bloom and Perry began to appear a month ago. Then Katie did
apparently, not too well-considered statement: she admitted in her
an interview that dreams of becoming a mother, and the sooner the better. Shortly before
then Perry got some practice on the new born baby of his sister. She even
boasted that she helped deliver babies, and coped with this
a daunting task.

However, Katie doesn’t
take into account that bloom could not rejoice her expressed wishes. Because the bloom difference
from Katie already has a child — the son of Flynn. And again to tie their knot
Orlando, which in 2013, the year was separated from his mother Flynn — Miranda Kerr, too
desires are not expressed. Everything was good: he recently admitted to one of
his friends that he is not ready neither to have children nor marry. And soon bloom
Perry announced that he believes their relationship is exhausted.

Recall that
the novel Orlando and Katie was started in January of this year, at the party that followed
during the ceremony “Golden Globes”. Almost 10 months of bloom and Perry was
inseparable. Their relationship survived even after a fleeting flirting Orlando with Selena
Gomez. Dumped Katie after her beloved and his scandalous
antics in September, when he posed for the paparazzi completely naked. But now their relationship seems to have come to an end.