Inna Malikova thinking about anti-aging

Инна Маликова задумалась о борьбе со старением The actress still can not decide on the procedure for correcting the appearance. Inna Malikova will soon be 40 years old, but she did not look this age. The star of the group “New gems” gives advice to his fans to care for themselves, and they admired her blooming appearance.

      Soloist ensemble “New Samotsvety” Inna Malikova surprise to many women of her immaculate appearance. The artist can easily be confused with her niece Stephanie, because she looks as slender, and on the face of 39-year-old star is no place for wrinkles. The singer claims that she manages to maintain a youthful appearance through a healthy lifestyle and proper training.

      Malikova attends the beautician every two weeks to restore the healthy state of the skin, as creams and serums do not always cope with the task. “I am very fond of a procedure called Intraceuticals. It is this technology that enters into the deeper layers of skin low molecular weight hyaluronic acid. Like biorevitalization, but without the injections. Generally my skin is very dry and “hungry”, so to speak. I have always cream is absorbed very quickly, so I love deep hydration”, – Inna told.

      The artist always adheres to the mode: be sure to drink lots of water, trying not to abuse carbohydrate food on the night and also attend regular training in the fitness center. Some detractors believe that Malikov has appealed to plastic surgeons to fix any part of the body: to make the cheekbones or to correct breast shape. However, the singer is in no hurry to go to the reception to the professionals.

      “In the next few years, if the readings will not be, probably not. And further — depends on how I look. If you feel that I need it, maybe you will. But to be honest, I don’t really want to. I would like to age naturally, but as it is, I don’t know,” said Malikova.

      Judging by the condition of the skin of the body and face, Inna and carefully watching their diet. Although the artist believes that is not according to the rules of dietetics. “I probably will not be original if I say that I love to eat, but I never met people who don’t like to eat. Love is all harmful, more than anything, I love meat. Very fond of dairy products, and everything connected with them. I love cheese, coffee with milk, cheese, yogurt. In General, whole milk. Cheese, of course, is my passion. I love cheese. All that I mentioned, not the most useful products. Unfortunately, vegetables, fruit and fish I love less,” – admitted in an interview with Inna