Little dog: a dispute over an unusual pet

Малыш котопес: в сети спорят из-за необычного питомца

Kotopes from Canada made the whole world guessing over the question of who he really is.

Remember how the network was arguing about the color of the dress? A lot of this story brought to mind. This week on the Internet there was a mysterious picture of an animal, madly like a dog and a cat at the same time. The puzzle was harder than with the dress.

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Random photo of shaggy gray-white pet got on a popular Internet site with the question: “Who is it?” The audience struggled for a long time in the debate, to some users it seemed that the picture shows exactly the dog she just has some weird, others were convinced that before them the cat. Resolved the “battle” only after the British tabloid found the page of a hero, he was a two-year-old, Atchoum, and he is a Persian cat.

The strange creature was born in the spring of 2014 and became the pet of a resident of Canada. When the cat a little older, it turned out that he suffers from hypertrichosis, a disease that causes increased hair growth.

Because of his illness, which, incidentally, does not prevent the cat to live, it is so overgrown that looked like a dog. And it brought Accumu crazy popular.

Unusual cat signed by more than 160 thousand people, he was in advertising, and Souvenirs with his image keyrings, cushions, calendars and other stuff – apart flight.

Once on children’s channels constantly spinning a cartoon where the main character was a dog. So it exists!

So who is still like an animal?

  • The cat, of course!
  • Exactly, it’s a dog!
  • On domovenka kuzyu