“I came to negotiate” and other Cinecitta, which became a meme

«Пришел договориться» и другие киноцитаты, ставшие мемами

Replica of Benedict Cumberbatch from the movie, which is called the main contender for the “Oscar”, became a hit online. On this occasion of Woman’s Day remembered phrase from the movies, which became a popular Internet meme.

“I came to negotiate” (“Doctor strange”)

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In the film based on the Marvel comics, which was released in October, Cumberbatch the role of a superhero. Doctor strange – the neurosurgeon who after a terrible accident has lost the ability to do what you love. Going on a journey in search of healing, he discovers a miracle of ability to transform space and time. And becomes the only link between the parallel dimensions and fighting against evil…

The plot of doctor strange comes to the villain Dormammu to convince him to leave the planet alone. And say: “I came to negotiate.” She was the main joke of the Internet.

The network is flooded with pictures and videos in a variety of ways played up this remark. It is often used in the context of negotiations with parents and teachers. And, based on feedback, the effect of this positive message is simply stunning!

“You know nothing, Jon snow!” (“Game of thrones”)

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It constantly reminded the hero of his beloved Ygritte, every time investing in this phrase a new meaning depending on the context. What sparked the most incredible abuse of hero online. “Well, at least I’m handsome…” – retorted John on one of the photos. And it’s hard to disagree!


“You cannot just take and –” (“Lord of the rings”)

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In the movie this phrase is put into the mouth of Boromir. When going to the Council to decide the fate of the one ring, he says that we cannot just pick up and carry the ring to Mordor – they say it’s very dangerous and generally a failing venture. It turns out that our nepenthesin reality is full of cases which is comparable to gamble on trudnoudalimymi. And most importantly, “you Cannot just take and just take,” here’s the thing!

“I also like to take risks” (“Austin powers: man of mystery on an international scale”)

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In one of the scenes of the famous Comedy superspy Austin powers sits down to play cards with the villain. He says that he likes to take risks, to which powers replied that also can’t live without risk. And then loses. When the film was released, the remark remained without attention, but after 15 years in the Internet appeared the screenshot of the grinning Powers and the phrase “I love risk” and immediately became a hit, giving rise to many variations. This meme is still used to indicate someone’s overconfidence.

“And now you come and say…” (“Godfather”)

In the film there is scene: Vito Corleone chastises the gravedigger, who came to him with a request to punish acquitted by the court of people who have offended his daughter. At his request he receives the answer: “You found Paradise in America: you have a good business was, you defended the police and you didn’t need friends like me. And now you come and say: “don Corleone, I need justice”. But you don’t ask with respect, don’t offer friendship. You never think to call me godfather. No, you come to my house the day of my daughter’s wedding and ask me to murder for money.” The phrase “And now you come and say…” acquired from the Internet comedians immense popularity: it is accompanied, for example, requests to take out the trash or tell the time. This meme just reminds me: if you ask about what you don’t have to do it politely and with respect, no matter what nonsense nor spoken.