Natalia and Murad Haussmann made a film about Kamchatka

Наталья и Мурад Османн сняли фильм про Камчатку

The creators of the project FollowMeTo made a film about the mysterious Peninsula.

The trip to Kamchatka is a cherished dream, make you dare not everyone, after all, the land of lakes, volcanoes and rivers are not only alluring, but also intimidating. There are pristine, living, breathing and unpredictable. This is not to walk around new York, there is one weather can change in a day ten times and give as the sun, and tighten in a snow storm… But Natalia and Murad Haussmann not afraid of anything!

The couple had been on the Peninsula a week. First went on Khalaktyrsky beach to try yourself in the role of surfers and catch a wave in the Pacific ocean. Then, in Avacha Bay, rented a boat and sailed to Cape Kekurny to see famous rookery of sea lions – the eared seals local. And, of course, a separate route, the travelers laid on the most famous volcanoes of Kamchatka.

“We managed to master the difficult ascents of the volcanoes Gorely and Mutnovsky, – tells Murad and Natasha. — Incidentally, the last over the past hundred years has erupted 10 times! We were even lucky enough to sneak in the breathtakingly beautiful ice caves of Mutnovsky, their underground tunnels stretch along the entire volcano. And we made an unforgettable helicopter ride over Kamchatka spaces. If we were able to watch how nature lives without a man. After seeing the Valley of geysers, we again boarded the helicopter and went to the Caldera of Uzon volcano, which is like the laboratory of a brilliant scientist, where everything is bubbling, exploding, changes color and shape.”

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About all their experiences, the pair tell three detailed videonaruto that will publish this week on your YouTube channel. So if you haven’t been to Kamchatka, but the dream to go there, you can start right now.