Lisa Peskov refused “Instagram” after the scandal

Лиза Пескова отказалась от «Инстаграма» после скандала Account of the successor policy was unavailable. Some attribute this to the scandal that unfolded around Lisa the Sand. The girl disappeared from the popular social network after it was condemned for an article in Forbes magazine.
Лиза Пескова отказалась от «Инстаграма» после скандала

Lisa recently Peskov tried his hand at journalism. She was the author of the column in Forbes magazine. Her article entitled “the Illusion of knowledge. Kill new technology of traditional education” has caused a storm of discussions. In this article, the heiress of the press Secretary of the President of Russia to talk about the complexities of modern learning.

Fans praised the politician’s daughter for the courage and the meaningfulness of statements, but there were also those who criticized the author.

Later it turned out that the article was not completely unique. Users on the Network found out that she used quotes from several sources, giving them their own judgment. In this regard, Lisa collapsed wave of criticism, which she has yet to respond.

Лиза Пескова отказалась от «Инстаграма» после скандала

After borrowing from other articles were discovered, representatives of the publication were quick to put down the references. The situation was quickly clarified Irina Mokrousova, occupying the post of Deputy chief editor of Forbes magazine. She told the staff, why did you decide to involve it sand.

“I asked Lisa to write for us columns because it has a lot of subscribers, using these materials, we wanted to attract a younger audience to the channel “Career and your business.” The editors were sure that Lisa always independently writes texts, serious approach to work. We agreed that she would write columns about education, career, youth, and their attempt to create a business. Still have to Sand a wide circle of friends,” – said Irina Mokrousova.

Moreover, recently page Lisa on Instagram was deleted. Many netizens linked it with a desire for the Sand to escape from criticism. However, fans of girls are sure that charges in its address are groundless, and the profile of the Lisa in the social network was hacked and deleted without her knowledge. They have no doubt that soon the successor to politics will be able to solve this problem.

On his page on “Instagrame” Peskov not only shared photos, but also expressed opinion about life abroad and in Russia. Fans of the girls hope that soon she will make an official statement and clarify the situation.