Participant of the show “Amazing people” Roman Fears: “I did magic in bars”

Участник шоу «Удивительные люди» Роман Страхов: «Я показывал фокусы в барах» Young people talked about their Hobbies and the filming of the popular television project. Roman Strakhov admitted to “StarHit” I didn’t feel competition on the set of the popular program, and told about the dangerous stunts and the passion for card manipulations.
Участник шоу «Удивительные люди» Роман Страхов: «Я показывал фокусы в барах»

One of the participants of the show of channel “Russia 1” “the Amazing people” was the 23-year-old programmer from Roman Fears of Zheleznogorsk. The young man is a fan of high-speed memory and mental arithmetic, and also knows how to assemble a Rubik’s cube blindfolded. Before the filming of the Fears repeatedly became the winner of international competitions in spidkubing solve puzzles for a while. Roman said “StarHit” on competition on the project, extreme hobby and the support of parents.

“I was told about the project and invited to participate. For me, this is a great opportunity to meet new people and to show that any achievement is not necessarily innate talent, and the result is a large amount of training and desire to improve. On the set I felt the support from the spectators. I was very pleased when they applauded”, – said the young man with “StarHit”.
Участник шоу «Удивительные люди» Роман Страхов: «Я показывал фокусы в барах»

Despite the fact that the show had a lot of exhibitors specializing in mnemotechnique, fear is not felt to strong competition. “We have been aware of before, so the shots reigned friendly atmosphere,” he said.

The novel is also told that absolutely wasn’t worried. Young people used to collect the puzzle in public. The fact that the party TV show – a six-time world record holder for the Assembly of a five-sided cube blind. Insurance loved ones trying to support it. They did not protest against the desire of the Novel to join the project. “They are very happy, happy to watch me on TV,” he says.

According to Strakhov, he quite spontaneously came to the hobby of solving Rubik’s cube. The young man from his childhood love of solving interesting tasks. One day he stumbled upon a puzzle invented by Hungarian sculptor and teacher.

“I have a pretty standard story for all speedcubers. Being a man with a mathematical mind, I loved puzzles and jigsaw puzzles. Once saw in the window of a Rubik’s cube. Tried to compile and sucked me, – remembers the novel. – I learned that in this area the competitions are held, and there are different communities. Then I hooked the Assembly is blind, it seemed to me something incredible.”

When the novel was ready to set records at international competitions, he trained for several hours a day. “I remember different aspects of the build and algorithms, learned new techniques. It is now less likely to train just to keep fit,” – says the participant of the TV show. In spidkubing, believes Fears is a huge plus.

Участник шоу «Удивительные люди» Роман Страхов: «Я показывал фокусы в барах» “When I began practicing, I have improved memory and attention. It became easier to concentrate on something. Now I can do one thing for a few hours, before that I only had enough for five minutes. In addition, the spidkubing brings to my life of travel and new friends. So, after a month there will be competitions in Spain. My friends say, “Come”, he said.

At some point Fears have decided to collect a puzzle with your eyes closed while riding on a BMX bike. According to the young man, he enjoys extreme sports, including jumping on the trampoline.

“This idea came to me accidentally. There is a trick when you want to go backwards. I thought, “Why not combine”. First fall, but the operator told when to turn. But then I still managed to solve the cube and I shared my achievement on forum. There were a lot of comments, people do not understand how this is possible. But I loved the process… I’m generally a fan of extreme sports, they make in my life diversity. Due to this I’m improving not only mental, but also the rest of the puzzles”, – said Roman.
Участник шоу «Удивительные люди» Роман Страхов: «Я показывал фокусы в барах»

Parents advise the young man to be careful. “They don’t know about my hobby. A joke, he says. – Seriously, they’re not trying to affect my Hobbies”. Among other Hobbies insurance card manipulation. Once the novel even showed magic tricks in bars.

“When I started to play spidkubing, I discovered a sports memory. To exercise, I learned a deck of cards. Then I saw the tutorial on YouTube, which talked about the different tricks and manipulations. I was interested, and after some time I even started to do it professionally, – said the young man. – As a student, my name in different places, where I demonstrated my abilities. It was fun. It seems that it is impossible to repeat the stunts of David blaine, but it is not so… In fact, I was a very private person, but Hobbies have changed my life. It became easier to make new friends”.