Лиор Сушард выступает вместе с Барбарой Стрейзанд The mentalist is happy to stand on the same stage with the star of world scale. Lior Suchard told “StarHit” that he experienced while near the legendary Barbra Streisand. Their joint tour will take place in the cities of the United States of America and Canada.

      Лиор Сушард выступает вместе с Барбарой Стрейзанд

      In Los Angeles launched a concert tour of Barbra Streisand and the mentalist Lior Suchard. Friends will perform on the same stage a total of 12 times. The tour will cover all of America and Canada. Lior joined current and, perhaps, the last tour of the legendary American singer of Jewish origin. The task of a famous mentalist is to show the true connoisseurs of her work, that there are things in the world that it is impossible to understand the normal brain. The phenomenon of voice Barbara is still not understood. The same applies to the incredible abilities Liora.

      Susan shared with “StarHit” that he experienced during a speech near the world-famous celebrity.

      “I’m completely in awe and admiration. I feel at the peak of his career. For the first time standing on the stage and in front of me over 25 thousand people. This incredible positive energy. I am stunned by my presence on the performance of Barbra Streisand,” he experienced an incredible feeling Suchard.

      Many famous people are happy to work together with the famous mentalist. Not so long ago, Lior decided to help each other in business development. Eilon Musk met Susan on one of the energy forums. After more intimate communion with the psychic, a businessman decided to ask for help and humans with superhuman abilities. Susan gladly agreed to reveal unexplored horizons in front of new friend.

      “My view of things is very in line with the vision Alana on business and on life values and future. Everything that happens in human life is the consequence of his brain and thoughts. I just pulled him to consciousness and opened up new horizons, and also slightly changed the view on things, ” said Lior in conversation with “StarHit”.

      The mentalist said that he was very interested to collaborate with someone who has a different perspective on the world and its influence on events.

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