Виктория Бекхэм создаст свадебное платье для сестры Кейт Миддлтон
Victoria wants to get closer to the Royal family

Виктория Бекхэм создаст свадебное платье для сестры Кейт Миддлтон

Victoria Beckham

Photo: Instagram.com

Pippa Middleton

Photo: Instagram.com

The other day
fans of Victoria Beckham learned some interesting news: the former spice girl and now fashion designer
bent to be the author of the design of the dress sister of the Duchess of Cambridge.
Moreover, it is not an ordinary outfit for Pippa, and the dress Jr.
Middleton go down the aisle! This became known thanks to the information
received site contactmusic.com.

always had a weakness for members of the Royal family. At the time when
Pippa’s sister, Kate, married Prince William, she could not resist
in order to arrive to the celebration, although she was in late pregnancy and
I wasn’t feeling well. At a wedding Duchess of Cambridge and she
met Pippa, which made then was not less bright
impression than the bride herself. Apparently, that’s when she conceived
to create an outfit for the youngest Middleton, when she will decide to marry.

Therefore, in
this year, when it was announced that Pippa got engaged with her boyfriend
James Matthews, Victoria decided it was time to implement his plan.
The wife of the famous footballer chose not to sit idly by, but actively
act. She sent Her a huge arrangement of white roses below
to congratulate her on her engagement. Unobtrusive and the colors made a whole album
she quickly made sketches of different styles for bridesmaid dresses.

As claimed,
Pippa has not yet made a final decision. But it is unlikely she will be able to resist
persistence of Victoria. After all, Mrs. Beckham is, moreover, used all his connections. Her main ally in this
company actress Eva Longoria, for which she created the wedding dress,
the actress got married in may this year. Say, Pippa was delighted with
what looked like on your wedding eve. And now Victoria hopes
this will be the final document that will convince the younger Middleton
to make it designer wedding dresses.

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