Светлана Пермякова ищет взрослого мужчину The actress dreams of a partner-mentor. Svetlana Permyakova aware of what attracts younger men, because they do not feel their biological age. However, believes that her dream to find the perfect choice will come true.

      Four years ago, actress and TV presenter Svetlana permjakova became for the first time mom. Their partner, Maksim Skryabin, she gave birth to a daughter Cook. However, family life with her lover did not work – after a while the pair broke it off. Now Svetlana is ready for a new novel and clearly understand what man can make her happy. Not the last role plays the age of a potential life partner. 44-year-old actress is looking for a soul mate among people of middle age.

      “Now I’m surrounded by mostly men under 30. Probably because internally I feel 28 and I’m wondering with the youth. Although I know that I need a man of my age, maybe even older, seasoned, with established views. But, I guess I attract people who need support. So far, I’m such a “teacher” – says Permyakov.

      Svetlana recalls that the problems in life together with her ex lover started because of the impressive age difference. Despite the fact that initially Permyakova and Scriabin were friends and business partners for harmonious family relations, it was not enough. In order not to torment each other, and most importantly to protect his daughter from a series of scandals, they were separated in different apartments.

      Svetlana Permyakova and the father of her daughter after breaking up closer

      “The decision to leave was, on the one hand, spontaneous, and on the other – deliberate, we already came to this. Still, we like it or not, a big age difference – 20 years. When we met with Maxim, he was 18, he still a lot of things have not experienced any spikes. I have it all already happened and I was imposing on him other, serious family formula. But then realized the mistake and even asked for forgiveness,” – says Svetlana break with the choice.

      The actress believes that the lover can “think”. She recalls how once she gave a doll, incredibly similar to the baby’s father, Maxim. “Jokes, of course, but in principle believe: all that we send into heaven “Inbox”, there is considered, and we will receive the answer. I hope that someday my life will appear a man who will be my mentor, and not Vice versa”, – Svetlana admitted in an interview with “Antenna-Telesem”.

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