Lindsay Lohan stole from his former fiancé

Линдси Лохан обокрала своего бывшего жениха

Scandalous girl again. Western media reported that Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan’s stealing things from their Cavaliers, for which he was nearly arrested last month. So, Yegor Tarasov sued ex-fiancee a statement to the police, accusing her that she stole his expensive Rolex watch is worth 30 thousand dollars, branded clothing and jewellery. Actress three times s last month had to go to a police station to testify about the disappearance of expensive items boyfriend.

Recall that Lindsay and her 24-year-old ex-boyfriend, Russian businessman Yegor Tarabanov previously rented an apartment in Westminster. They parted with the scandal in August. First, Lohan accused the young man of infidelity, then – that he regularly beat her and finally said that he had raised her hand when she was expecting his child (in the end, this information was false and the actress said that said Greg is that he killed her during a fit of rage).
Now, Egor says that before you leave the apartment, Lindsay carefully brushed her things from her ex-fiancé that he would like to have back.
“Yegor several months contacted Lindsay and asked to return his personal belongings, but there was no result and he had to go to the police. He had no choice – Lindsay it is actually robbed,” said the insider. Because Lohan is constantly in the road that the police find it difficult to invite her to the precinct. Had the police contact her through a publicist and threatened him with arrest in case of absence to the station.
Appearing, finally, to the police, Lindsay has denied all claims Tarabarova, and said that neither Yegor nor his representative had not contacted her during this time. She also said that only yesterday learned about the statement ex-fiance, found all the things that he so persistently demanded and gave them to him.
“As soon as Lindsay found out that he wanted his things, she immediately found them and gave him. She wishes him only good and the best” — said the representative of Lohan, and we pretend to believe him.