Salma Hayek refused Donald Trump a date

Сальма Хайек отказала Дональду Трампу в свидании

Now it becomes clear dislike of the current President Donald trump to residents of neighboring Mexican: it turns out he refused to date a Mexican woman. And not just anyone, and Salma Hayek. About it the actress herself said in the program “a Daily talk show with Trevor Noah” (“The Daily Show with Trevor Noah”), which guest she had become.

Fifty-year-old actress admitted that several years ago came to a social event with her boyfriend (his name it is omitted). They were on the street and it was a little chilly. Suddenly She felt on her shoulders, someone threw a jacket, and the young man smiled, approached the gentleman and greeted him. It was Donald trump.
“I saw that your girlfriend is cold,” said the future President of the United States and began talking with the boyfriend of the actress. During the conversation, Donald invited them to visit Atlantic city and stay at his hotel.
“You just leave me your phone number,” said trump. Boyfriend Salma he was not contacted, but the actress soon called.
“He invited me out and I said to him, “what about my boyfriend? Have you lost your mind? You know I have a boyfriend”” said Salma Donald, to which he replied, “he’s not good enough for you” and that she needed to go on a date with him, Donald trump. Of course, Hayek rejected the media Mogul, however, that something was right: she soon broke up with her boyfriend and now married to French businessman Francois-Henri Pinault.