80-year-old Svetlana Nemolyaeva restored the house in the suburbs

80-тилетняя Светлана Немоляева восстановила дачу в Подмосковье

At the end of may over Moscow was swept by a terrible hurricane that did severe troubles. Under the impact of the disaster hit country site of the famous Soviet actress, people’s artist of Russia Svetlana Nemolyaeva. The wind almost completely destroyed the entire country – broken trees, rastroil furniture, broke the gazebo, turned the paving. To help older actress came First channel and the team of the program “a Perfect repair”. Builders have restored and transformed the area Nemolyaeva.

Dacha outside Moscow Svetlana Nemolyaeva is located in the Village of the artists near the elite of the estate Abramtzevo. After the hurricane the area was left in poor form – it was the centenary of fallen birch and spruce trees, damaged aprons, broken furniture, damaged walls and facades, walkways and porch, there was no illumination.
The artist understood that she was not under force independently to restore the cottage, so I took the help of experts. But the “Perfect repair” has decided to make such a unique gift the legend of the Soviet cinema and theatre Nemolyaeva, which this year celebrated the anniversary — she was 80 years old.
Three years ago, the program has already transformed a suburban area actress, but it all went down the drain due to a natural disaster. At this time, the maintenance of the garden made the patio area for entertaining. This idea really enjoyed Nemolyaeva.
Workers began clearing the area from the devastation. From the huge garden villas, the architects made the living room under the open sky. She perfectly fits into the landscape. Experts have restored paths, asphalt pavement, and lighting.
The main attraction at the site was forged arbour in the form of a hexagon. Her for actress produced in Belarus. The gazebo was decorated with flower pots with daisies and hydrangeas, as well as waterproof … curtains, mattresses and pillows.