Линдси Лохан грозит банкротство из-за долгов за аренду жилья в Лондоне

Recently, Lindsay Lohan has become the main character the talk show of Andrei Malakhov “Let them talk”, where he described the details of the relationship with the son of the Russian oligarch Yegor Tarasovym. The actress was quite Frank and admitted that this novel received nothing but frustration and loss of faith in men. Lindsay admitted that Tarabarova though called the son of the oligarch, the material aspect of these relations lay still on her. Lohan claimed that she paid for them with Egor luxurious life and even the engagement ring he gave to her alleged engagement, the actress has bought herself at their funds.

Apparently, during the affair with Tarasovym Lindsay went all out and now there is a chance that she may be bankrupt.

Western media reported that the actress had not paid for the rented apartment in a prestigious area of the British capital about 87 thousand euros.

Lawyers for the owner of an apartment in a prestigious Knightsbridge sent actress paper with the requirement to pay 87 thousand euros and promised to apply to the court to declare it bankrupt on 8 November, when the debt for six months will not be paid.

The document States that the rent of the apartment is issued in the name of Lindsay Lohan. Tarabanov, in turn, paid in advance for three month stay. It was expected that Lohan will do the same. But her promises but she refused.

By the way, the break-up with Lohan from Tarabarova looks completely different. Egor says that the actress he had been robbed, taking things to the amount of 29 thousand dollars. This includes a Rolex watch and designer clothes, a gold cross, which Egor received from a deceased godfather and more.