Alexey Panin says that it wants to destroy

Алексей Панин утверждает, что его хотят уничтожить

The scandalous actor Alexei Panin, more famous for his antics and scandals, claims that it wants to destroy. Soon will take the court in the process which will decide the fate of his daughter Alexis, born in marriage with Julia Yudintseva and became a bargaining chip in the disassembly of her parents. For many years the poor child has no peace, because the parents after a breakup and failed to save a little bit of a friendly relationship. Now the court will decide where will be better a little NUS with their mother or father who kidnapped her. On the eve of the trial Panin, self-righteous, argues that despite the lifestyle that he leads more recently, his reputation threatened.

So, Alex says that one of the Central Russian TV channels have filmed a program about him, which put him out.. bestiality.
Panin a long time does not pay the alimony to his ex-wife, citing the fact that her daughter is still living with him all this time. Friends of Alexis told him that on national TV even made a program about it, putting a pervert unfit to raise a child.
“Then, according to my friends, the authors of this TV shows have invited people I don’t know who shouted in the Studio, Panina should be deprived of parental rights. The program was intended to throw mud at me. And in the end of the show they stated that I have sex with dogs! I was accused of pedophilia, bestiality in now, and then what? I blame the fact that I was raped humanoids from Mars? Yeah, I’m not a Saint. But it is not necessary to attribute to me things I did not commit.” — angry Panin.
Alex does not exclude that it is the handiwork of his ex-wife, wishing that Alexei was deprived of parental rights.