Anna Shulgin in a rage from-for suspicions in the use of “plastics”

Анна Шульгина в ярости из-за подозрений в использовании «пластики»

Daughter of singer Valeria Anna Shulgin knows firsthand how hard work can change and transform a person.

A long time had to spend a girl at the gym to achieve the results she is now happily demonstrates. Of cuppy cake Shulgin became KrasAvia and modesty aside, this demonstrates. Most likely this is due to the fact that to her transformation, Anna was a Titanic effort, it is so sharply reacting to “speculation of Internet users,” about what changes she required plastic surgeons.

Information about a girl was published in a microblog, telling of the lives of celebrities.

However seeing the nature of this publication, her character went into a rage. The blog compared the two images of Anna, the modern and the one on which she is depicted 13-year-old girl. “Daughter of the singer Valeria, a 23-year-old Anna Shulgin before and after plastic surgery,” reads the inscription under the photos. The post is provided with a hashtag “Before and after plastic surgery”.

“No, well, you’ve seen hashtags?! Before and after plastic surgery! Arrived! Took photos of muddy yellow filters where I’m 13 and next attached a photo taken a couple of days ago. Rabbits, lose weight first kg 35-40, and then you see that the large eyes of steel, and my cheeks are smaller, and a bigger mouth. The teeth were healed, so they left. Nose how was the potatoes, and left. So, dear, can, of course, now and fashionable to transform yourself at 20 years, but, fortunately, such people I can not be attributed. Subscribers, think before you subscribe to such groups. They do not reveal the truth about your favorite writers, actors, Directors. They invent their” — emotionally parried the ledge to your address Anna Shulgina.