Life hack for vacationers: how to find the hotel and save

Лайфхак для отпускников: как найти гостиницу и сэкономить Summer is a hot time of holidays, when we can finally leave the stuffy office and go on an emotional journey. But between weekdays at work and a long-awaited trip there is one major obstacle — how to organize everything.
Лайфхак для отпускников: как найти гостиницу и сэкономить

If the tickets is more or less clear, because there are low-cost, and various “scanner” the most attractive options, the hotel search often becomes a real stress. When you just enter in the Internet “where to stay in Sochi”, you get over 600 different sentences. Choose the one that will suit you will help a special service Instead.

“A strong statement”, you say, but this resource is truly one of the best in its field. Important note: this is not a hotel booking in a convenient date, but a search for the best deals. It will show how much room, if you reserve it through the most popular systems:, Ozon Travel, Hotel Info In addition, in some cases, it is possible to apply directly to the administrator. The fact that hotels constantly run special promotions, and intermediaries can increase the amount of the Commission. As a result, the cost of accommodation may differ significantly, but due to the Instead, do not be afraid to overpay.

However help in finding a suitable hotel, from the thousands of possible ability Instead not limited. The resource, which is the symbol of cute polar bear, there are other benefits. Here are five good reasons to add this service to your bookmarks and use it when you plan your trip.

Visibility and ease of use

To begin your hotel search, no need to register and provide your email address. By the way, at desire it can be done and then to regularly receive news, hot offers and other useful alerts.

On the starting page of the service is convenient and simple menu, which immediately offers to go to pick up the room, considering your requests. Once your site understand where you are going, for how many days and what are your requests to the property, he will immediately give you the best options and offer to proceed to the booking for you online. A few mouse clicks, and you can safely pack a suitcase.

Let’s say you are going on vacation in Adler. Thinking, smart system gives you more than 700 proposals that can be presented visually on the map. Using this function, you can see how far a hotel is from city centre, local amenities and the coast, as well as sort options for additional parameters for example price, star rating and guest review score.

A large number of search criteria

If you have children, they will hardly like to live next door to gay students, who will have noisy disco till the morning. Most likely, young travelers will love the spacious pool and cable TV, showing their favorite cartoons. What if you decide to take a charming pet? Does not matter, because Instead, it is possible to consider almost any suggestion for the hotel and its services. Firstly, the service offers to filter out the versions found on the type — from serviced apartments to a mini-hotels and hostels.

Secondly, there is always the possibility to choose, what do you expect from the placement, for example, how important is it for you the fitness center, Spa, kitchen, tennis courts, rooms for non-smokers, coffee maker and other additional options. Another theme — the criterion is designed for the most demanding audience — it allows you figure out which option is ideal for business meetings, where the best chefs, and learn about the most romantic places to travel with the second half.

Real guest reviews

The opinion of other visitors played important, if not decisive, role in choosing a hotel. Someone is not reading other people’s comments telling the truth about the pros and cons of specific places, which you will not find on the official website and colorful brochures? Instead, the creators have provided this important criterion in the selection of the hotel. On the website you can see the rankings generated by the guests, and see who stops it more often: couples, families, single travellers, groups or business travelers.


Instead, a huge advantage is that its functions are available on smartphone and tablet. The service has apps for iPhone, iPad and Android that will significantly simplify the life of travelers. Using them, you can choose a hotel even on the road. When you launch the software application installed on a mobile device, it immediately offers to find accommodation nearby. Thus, it is possible not to worry if your plans suddenly changed. For example, when the flight was delayed for a whole day or even cancelled. Instead, find out where you can wait and relax before departure.

Лайфхак для отпускников: как найти гостиницу и сэкономить

Proven suggestions and guarantee

Every time you’re booking a hotel online, start to worry whether everything is in order and will not so that when you arrive the room will be occupied by someone else. Instead nullified the likelihood of such extreme situations. The online impeccable reputation — he works for over ten years, helping millions of travelers from around the world. Service four times in a row received the most prestigious award in the travel market the World Travel Awards.

It is worth noting that if you get in contact with unscrupulous hotelier or agent which require an amount in excess of specified on Instead, you can feel free to write to the resource administration to “guilty” imposed sanctions. So, using this system, you not only efficiently spend money, but not risk. Another interesting bonus that offers the service: in the case when you find a room cheaper than offers online, you make up the difference within 30 days.

Book hotels with Instead, and pack your bags! Au revoi, girls!

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