Anastasia Reshetova revealed the truth about the fabulous income

Анастасия Решетова раскрыла правду о баснословных доходах The model and star’s Instagram gave an interview to the new Dmitry Portnyagin. Conversing with a man, Anastasia Reshetova told about the sources of income and identified the size of their earnings. According to brunette, the only one microblog can bring her a six-figure sum per month.
Анастасия Решетова раскрыла правду о баснословных доходах

21-year-old model Anastasia Reshetova has become one of the heroines of videobloger Dmitry Portnyagina. On his channel “Transformer” has a video in which the brunette spoke about his plans, the daily schedule, and told about the millions of income.

Анастасия Решетова раскрыла правду о баснословных доходах“In 20 years I have clearly lined understanding of what I want in this life. I realized that I want my day was busy from morning to evening. (…) Time is the main resource in our lives,” Anastasia said.

Now Reshetova and more successful blogger on her “Instagram” signed for about 1.4 million people. “I think what motivates them is my life. Now I can definitely say that this is so. Previously, it would be perhaps too loudly,” explained the model.

During the meeting with Dmitry Portnyagin she also talked about her current Affairs. Reshetov said that he is involved in several projects.

“Let’s start with the fact that my main source of income – clinic health and beauty, I am its co-founder. We started less than a year ago. Compared to the situation now, the clinic has grown, and the audience, and the quality of service at times. All Moscow knows, I speak with pride about this project. I also have a brand of custom vintage clothing. Each “dzhinsovka” worth a thousand dollars. This product is not for everyone, and we are focused. Also now open salon and is in “Instagram” – said the brunette.

According to Reshetova, the total amount of its revenues from projects may be different. According to Anastasia, “the good month” she earned three million two hundred thousand rubles.

Then Portnyagin asked the girl to share the secrets of running a successful “Instagram”. By the way, one advertising publication in the microblog Reshetovaa is 100 thousand. Talking with Dmitry, the model confirmed that the page in popular social networks can easily get her a million rubles a month.

“First, you need to constantly update your content. For example, I post 2-4 pictures a day. People love new things. (…) The second is to touch on as many aspects of their lives, to talk about what you do and interested to share their opinion on a particular account. For example, there was an event, you talk about it, and at the end of the post asked: “what do you think about this?” People like it, they like to feel a part of… the Third – the quality of the content. If we talk about visuals, then the minimum number of filters, vivid pictures,” said Anastasia.