Irina Shayk stopped hiding her daughter’s face

Ирина Шейк перестала прятать лицо дочери The star couple who prefers not to talk about the new addition to the family, until recently, carefully concealed face of a little Leah. However, recently the paparazzi all have managed to capture the charming heiress Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper.
Ирина Шейк перестала прятать лицо дочери

Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper who are parents charming Lea de Seine this spring, is considered one of the most mysterious star couples. Celebrities prefer not to talk about the new addition to the family, and rarely joint share photos to social networks. Therefore, fans of the model and the actor can only guess about what is happening in their lives. Until recently, the paparazzi failed to capture the heiress Irene and Bradley, as well as those carefully concealed her face.

However, the Shake went for a walk with the baby in Los Angeles. Irina was dressed in a short black shorts and a long top casual. Your way the model complements sandals flat shoes in the Greek style and massive sunglasses. Many fans of the star podiums said that she looked beautiful.

In one of the photos, which appeared at the disposal of journalists, captured the daughter of Irene and Bradley. Apparently, the little girl relished the beautiful summer weather. Pictures of Leah de Seine, which star parents tried to hide from public attention, created a furor in the Network. Fans of celebrities found that child – copy of your father Bradley Cooper.

Ирина Шейк перестала прятать лицо дочери

Recall that Irina Shayk gave your partner a lovely child at the end of March. About replenishment in a family of celebrities, not sharing a joyous event with the public, it became known only later two weeks after that.

Like his soulmate, Bradley Cooper reluctantly tells about his personal life. During the conversation, with presenter Ellen DeGeneres, the actor refused to comment on the news of the birth of a baby. The man pretended to be surprised when the TV star congratulated him.

“You know, you don’t want to talk about the baby, so I just noticed, I knew you’d be a good father. To me it became clear after watching the movie “Sniper” – with these words, Ellen turned to Bradley.

It is worth mentioning that the famous actor lover quite easily came to the form after the completion of the family. The amuse Bouche model made by the Russian TV-host Kseniya Sobchak. “Irina Shayk looks after the baby was born as I wasn’t even 18. It’s a shame, of course, but life is unfair,” said the media personality, put the along with the mannequin, made before a charity dinner in Cannes.