Let’s get married! Two Russian skier has received a proposal of marriage at the airport

Давай поженимся! Две российские лыжницы получили предложение руки и сердца в аэропорту
Holders of bronze medals Anastasia Sedova and Anna Nechayev became brides immediately upon arrival from Pyeongchang.

Давай поженимся! Две российские лыжницы получили предложение руки и сердца в аэропорту

Anna Nechayev and Anastasia Sedova

Russian skier Anna Nechayev and Anastasia Sedova,
won the bronze medal in the women’s relay 4 x 5 km at the Olympics in 2018,
expected at Sheremetyevo airport, where they flew from Pyeongchang awaits them
solemn meeting, but hardly could have imagined that they will be forced to cry
from happiness.

Anna Nechayev (left) and Anna Sedova (right)

Photo: Artyom Geodakyan/TASS

Elected athletes — skiers Alexander Kuleshov and Nikita
Surkov did Nastia and Anna offer hands and hearts right at the airport, and
almost at the same time. Under the applause of supporters and relatives
both girls said the coveted “Yes”.

The next day Nechaevskiy emotionally congratulated his
the groom’s birthday. “Happy birthday my dear Nikita! — wrote
the bronze prize-winner. I don’t like long texts and flip through them
without reading! So much to write here and I will not, so you all know how
friends and relatives of the man you have become to me over these five years. I am grateful for that
gave me you — so brave in the astounding deeds, this
reliable, kind and able so nice surprise! Only I know how much you
sincere in his words and actions, and would never have thought you so
can relive the many moments you experience stronger than myself! And how
the respect and warmth with which you treat your parents! It’s expensive
should… Thank them for raising such a great son, thank you
parents for you! Yesterday still do not fit in the head!”