Эдгард и Аскольд Запашные вышли на пенсию
Trainers saving up money in the savings Bank.

Askold and Edgard zapashnye

Edgard Zapashny has admitted that he and his younger brother Askold few years ago, officially retired. Of course, not because he reached retirement age. The brothers barely exceeds 40.

“I have 7 years as a pensioner — said Edgard. — We — the representatives of dangerous professions — it is not by age, but by seniority. 15 years of experience — and we can rest with a clear conscience. I even almost two pensions work! By the way, I have a savings account there. There every month money coming.”

However, the brothers zapashnye not going in the next 40 years to end his career. Each year they present a new entertainment show on the stage of the Circus on Vernadsky (now called the Great Moscow State Circus) and outside it. They go on tour with their circus programs around the country and around the world. Last year was in Syria before the Russian military, which recently received medals “combatants”.

“It was classified information, we even signed a paper about nondisclosure, — has told Edgard on the filming of “Logic” on TNT. — We participated in a charity concert. However, the animals take it. I had to break the jaws of my brother!” (Laughs).