Следственный комитет начал проверки по делу о допинге Крушельницкого
The IOC gave the result of all videos from the training camps and the Olympics.

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Olympics in Pyeongchang over, but talking about it all does not stop. The winners celebrate and congratulate the losers support. Is not reduced and “passions” in the doping scandal. We will remind, the bronze medalist in Curling, Alexandra Krushelnytskoho deprived of medals due to positive doping tests. Now the official data published by: the athlete found of 8.1 micrograms Meldonium in sample A and 5.7 micrograms in the sample B. For comparison from Maria Sharapova before a long disqualification was found 10 times less Meldonium!

The maker of the drug says that such numbers in two samples talking about his one-time admission. Given that before going to the Olympics Krushelnytskoho samples were “clean” means that the substance entered his body or in Japan at the camp, either in Korea itself.

“It is now clear that it was the stuffing this pill, — said Dmitry Svishchev, President of the Curling Federation of Russia live on NSN. We are already working with the Investigative Committee. As soon as we learned about the problem, we immediately submitted a letter to the Investigative Committee, is a reverse reaction came, in the near future meeting and questioning us, as a Federation, we will work with the athletes and everyone who was with them at this time. A circle is narrow: it is either Japan or Korea. We have already provided all the videos of the hotels. Well that many officials of the IOC understand that it is difficult. Tomorrow will be a meeting of the Executive Committee, which will discuss this issue.”

Svishchev said that the Federation simply have no choice — you just need to prove that krushelnitsky innocent. Otherwise, the athlete disqualifiziert for 4 years and he will lose faith in an honest sport.

“The fact that we can prove innocence Krushelnytskoho is by far, we have nowhere to go — he said RIA Novosti. — We have at stake is not only the honor of the athlete and the honor of our Federation. We will complete this. Sooner or later we find a person or group of people, maybe the organization that had to do with it. I don’t believe in miracles, I’m a big boy. The chances that justice will prevail there. We all understand that to return the medal chances are almost there, but the guys are young. At stake is their career”.