Lera’s family of Masskvy was in the hospital with burns and poisoning

Семья Леры Массквы попала в больницу с ожогами и отравлением In the apartment of the singer, located in the North-West of Moscow, a fire occurred. In the result, Lera Masskva, her son Plato and husband Paul Vlahov was urgently hospitalized. Fans of the singer and wish her a speedy recovery.

As it became known to journalists, the 29-year-old singer Lera Masskva suffered as a result of a strong fire, which occurred in the night from Sunday to Monday.

The singer was in the apartment, located on the Avenue Marshal Zhukov, together with her husband, the founder of the group “4ехов” Pavel Evlakhov and seven-year-old son of Plato. Rescuers managed to quickly cope with the fire, but the actress and her family members needed medical assistance.

Valerie and her husband Paul went to the research Institute Sklifosovsky, this information is the “StarHit” confirmed in reference to the medical institutions. According to journalists, the son of Lera Plato was taken to children’s hospital with carbon monoxide poisoning. Representatives of Masskvy while abstain from official comments.

Singer Lera Masskva (real name – Gureeva) was born in the town of Novy Urengoy. In 2002 she moved to Moscow to start a career in music. Two years later there was a clip of Christina Aguilera for the song “just a dream”, written by Leroy. The song was broadcasted by “American idol”. After some time, the Masskva presented a video for the track “SMS-Naya love”, which was popular in the charts.

In 2005, Lera took part in a music festival, where he performed the song “bear” “mummies the Troll”. Since that time, the artist began to come wide popularity. In the same year, Valerie released their debut album “Masskva”. The video for the song “finally”, “Irreversible” and “7th floor” in a short time was loved by the viewers.

Two years later, the Masskva presented their second album “Different”, but it has not been as successful as the debut album of the artist. Producer Igor Markov, who worked with the performer decided to break her contract. In the result, Valerie became an independent artist.

In November 2016, Lera married the founder of the group “4ехов” Paul evlakhov. Pair bonded relationships in the Griboedov registry office of Moscow. The singer has said about an important event in social networks. The photo that appeared on Instagram of Masskvy, she poses in a long dress cream color with Paul and son Plato. “Well, not so scary actually,” said the singer. Some fans Lera was very surprised by the news about her wedding. They believed that the long-Masskva is married and Vlahovi. In fact, the lovers were in no hurry to formalize the relationship, believing it necessary to first validate their feelings.

At the moment, are the causes of the fire in the apartment of Masskva Lera and Paul evlakhov, according to “Moskovsky Komsomolets”.