Melanie Martinez denies rape charges

Мелани Мартинез отрицает обвинения в изнасиловании

Not only men accused of sexual violence, but also girls. So the participant of the TV show “The Voice,” Melanie Martinez was accused of raping ex-girlfriend of Timothy Heller, charges which she denied via Twitter.

Мелани Мартинез отрицает обвинения в изнасиловании

The star thanked his fans who took the trouble to investigate the situation and to believe in her innocence. “I understand how difficult it is to look at the situation from my side, given the fact that anyone with a heart could not believe the words of a man who has spoken on this subject,” writes Martinez in Twitter account. “I want to thank my fans who took the trouble to examine the chronology of events, analyze past photos from instagram, and began to ask questions that revealed the falsity of the statements.”

“I trusted so many people in my life who took advantage of my trust in their favor. Please know that my intentions all that I do in life I would never have engaged in sexual contact with those who did not give consent to it.” added Martinez.

Fans of the singer touched by these messages and they decided to scatter Heller in her Twitter account in defense of Martinez. The ex-girlfriend of former contestants of the show “the Voice” could not answer: “That is why victims are silent,” she writes. “Wouldn’t wish it on anyone.”

Мелани Мартинез отрицает обвинения в изнасиловании

“I’ve kept this secret for a long time. This required a lot of preparation in order to gain more power and to let people know,” said Heller to The Fresh Committee after his confession to raping a singer. “I go to weekly therapy sessions and my doctor helped me a lot. I had been suffering for some time due to guilt and because of how her fans will react to me. I decided that it was too important to remain silent.”

“I think mental health is so important that I decided to take the responsibility to reach out to victims who have been through the same thing.” continued the young singer.

In his long message, Heller accused Martinez of rape in the sex toy. According to the pop singer, she was not in the mind because of Marijuana, which Tu colleagues at the scene was used before the incident. This was not the first night that the girls spent together. According to Heller, she has many times denied Martinez sexual contact during two nights together, coming up with excuses, like “my boyfriend will be very angry”.
“I never agreed. I repeated “no” several times,” says Heller. “But she used the strength and overcame me. No doubt, I was raped by my best friend.” Like any other victim, Heller took advantage of razgorevshiysya events on the basis of Harvey Weinstein.