The results of the DNA test: it became known who the real father of the son of the ex-wife of Vadim Kazachenko

Результаты ДНК-теста: стало известно, кто настоящий отец сына экс-жены Вадима Казаченко Journalists published the contents of the document, the stoppage in a dispute between the star of the 90s and his ex-wife. Earlier Vadim Kazachenko has declared that is ready to raise a child Martynova, if carried out expert research, establishing its relationship with the small Philip.
Результаты ДНК-теста: стало известно, кто настоящий отец сына экс-жены Вадима Казаченко

At the disposal of journalists were the results of the paternity test of the child Olga Martynova, the former wife of Vadim Kazachenko. According to the document of the Russian center of judicial medical expertise of the Ministry of health, star of the 90s is the parent of little Philip, who was born 10 March 2017.

“The probability that Kazachenko Vadim Gennadievich is indeed the biological father, Philip V. Kazachenko, the results of this examination is not less than 99,99999998%. An expert study should be considered complete,” – quoted representatives of the media the conclusions of experts.

Apparently, in the debate about who is the father of the child Olga Martynova has finally come to an end. Vadim Kazachenko commented on the results of the examination in social networks.

“Life is not a show, it should continue. I want everyone to calm down. I will do my best to Philip grow up healthy and happy child,” said the artist.

On the eve of the ex-wife of a famous singer has shared an archive photo of his son taken when he was ten days. “And today we are nine months and two teeth,” – said Martynov.

Fans of Olga wished the charming Philip to grow up healthy and strong. “Hold on, we are with you”, “good Luck, victory is yours,” “Let everything goes in your favour”, “Like a mother”, “Beautiful baby”, “you”, is discussed in the Network.

Vadim Kazachenko said that he is not averse to take part in the upbringing of the child, if his paternity is proven. At the same time, the artist claimed that his ex-wife suffers from alcohol addiction. According to the singer, Olga allegedly repeatedly resorted to coding. One of the recent meetings Kazachenko with Martynova has ended with loud scandal. The contractor and his ex-girlfriend became heroes of the program “Let them talk”. Irina Amanti, the current wife of Vadim, expressed willingness to sit down at the negotiating table with the mother Martynova.

“We want to understand what they want, how much money they want I just got rid of them. That’s all she needs. This is not a circus. Find out how much she wants money for the life of Vadim Kazachenko”, she said.

He Kozachenko said that he was tired of accusations Martynova. The daughter of the artist, who is now in Israel, is perplexed by what is happening and wishes the father of patience. “I can’t understand why this is happening with my dad. I’m very sorry for the woman, I don’t even want to call her name, behaves as she behaves,” said Marianne Kozachenko.

Family of Vadim Kazachenko publicly denounced his ex-wife

Earlier Vadim Kozachenko reported that he paid for the tests to establish paternity of the child Martynova. “I filed for a DNA examination, she was appointed by the court,” quoting star 90s Dni.Ru.