Leps have criticized the performance of the daughter in “the Voice”

Лепс раскритиковал выступление дочери в «Голосе»

31-year-old art historian and actress Inga Lepsveridze was not listening to the show.

The young singer sang a song by British singer Birdy “Not about Angels”. Despite the lines which are translated as “don’t abandon me…”, or one of the mentors to Inga didn’t turn around. When the father learned daughter, he was not happy.

– What are you doing here? – unkind he greeted Inga. Other mentors of the show only at this point realized who is in front of them.

It was the first speech of the girl in front of an audience before she sang only at home. He was very nervous, so I was wrong. But the father cruelly pointed out to her all the flaws, concluding that she needs at least another year to do music before you seriously to declare itself.

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Moreover, Leps stated that he is not willing to help Inga in the formation as a singer in a show, either in its production centre, and her appearance in “the Voice” became a surprise for him.

“To take her under the wing I’m not ready yet, admitted Grigory Leps “Antenna”. For this Inge is not enough a number of things which are necessary for the artist. She doesn’t have a strong voice, we need to work seriously if she really wants to achieve something in this field. While she is looking for. And the rest I am willing to help her, I spend my whole life doing it. To get into my production center, in addition to voice and appearance the actor has to be the hook on which he can hook up”.

However, Polina Gagarina disagreed with the singer, noting that it says strict father. But her voice is girl like. Dima Bilan also said that just hooks Inga is, we just need to develop them.

The girl says that is not upset.

“I see, made weaker than many guys. Most of them all my life in music, for me, singing is secondary, – said Inga after listening. — Dad unhappy. He just doesn’t like surprises. He didn’t recognize me, because, probably, once only heard me sing”.

This season of “the Voice”, we note, has been quite controversial. Only recently discussed participation in the project of the former party “people’s artist” Alexander Panayotov. He qualifying round was held and as a mentor chose Grigory Leps, however, then the Internet users flooded the artist’s letters, that he left the show and gave way to young. However, 32-year-old Panayotov did not panic and rather harshly said antepartum.

“I have to be honest, nothing to fear. Ready mentally for all attacks, criticism. For me the main thing – to perform well, efficiently do their job. I think Leps will help me in this. Why him? With Polina, Dima and Leonid we sometimes cross each other at concerts. And I know that I can offer each of them. But with Gregory we haven’t spoken in over 10 years. And I have no idea what work is waiting for us with him. Probably, this uncertainty was what attracted me. In addition, I was impressed with how he fought for me, the touts in his team,” said Alexander Panayotov. Read more HERE.